A Custom Horseshoe Nail Wedding Ring Set

14 kt White Gold Custom Horseshoe Nail Wedding Set

14 kt White Gold Custom Horseshoe Nail Wedding Set

This Custom Horseshoe Nail Wedding Ring creation was a special treat for Walker Goldsmiths to make for this couple.  Daaron got a hold of us wanting a Horseshoe Nail Wedding Set in 14kt White Gold.  He wanted it as soon as possible as they had a small window of time to get married and get back to work.  He is a farrier in Eastern Washington and seasons are time determiners in his business. He travels all over Eastern Washington to different ranches doing what Farriers do and he wanted to set this engagement up permanently.  Because we love to accommodate sweet love stories, we put it in high gear, and it gets even better…

I carved the waxes for the two ring set; Engagement Diamond Ring and Wedding Band.  Owen lost wax cast them in 14 kt Palladium White Gold, I chose out the diamonds and we set them in this Custom Horseshoe Nail Engagement Ring and let Daaron know we had these beauties done for them.

Daaron then emailed us with his desire to have a small Sterling Horseshoe Nail Ring made with two birthstones on it.  He told us his Sweetheart has a little daughter that has never known her biological dad and was so excited to have Daaron as her own Dad…  “Katrina has a seven-year-old daughter, Kathlyne.  She has prayed for years to have a dad. She has no contact with her biological father. I would like to also give something to her. She loves cows, so she calls me “cow man”. She is anxious to be able to start calling me Dad.”  Walker Goldsmiths quickly cast a Sterling Silver Horseshoe Nail Ring in Kathlyne’s size and set her birthstone, an Alexandrite, and Daaron’s birthstone, a Sapphire, in this ring as a keepsake of this memorable occasion. When Daaron told us this we knew that this guy was a “Keeper”!  Thanks so much, you Sweethearts, for this wonderful adventure.  We know you are blessed!

Sterling Horseshoe Nail Ring with Birthstones

Sterling Horseshoe Nail Ring with Birthstones

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  1. JD Dennis says:

    Your work is beautiful. I would like to find out how to get a Horseshoe nail Engagement ring.

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