A Custom Eagle Pendant was on the Christmas List


Walker Goldsmiths had a heartfelt experience this past Christmas. Old friends came to us to help design and make a special Custom Pendant gift for their daughter. They had firm ideas about what they wanted and Walker Goldsmiths was able to execute it and elaborate it for them. 

Photo of Walker Goldsmiths Custom Eagle Pendant with Amethysts

Walker Goldsmiths Custom Eagle Pendant with Amethysts

I could tell that they wanted to “tell” their daughter something special with this piece of jewelry. They recycled some old family jewelry toward the making of this pendant and it is meant to be a symbol of their love and hopes for their daughter. Louise defined her daughter as a very practical, earthy and well balanced girl. With her astrological sun sign in Cancer, her birthstone is a beautiful purple toned gemstone. We decided to lean towards the Amethyst purple color because it seemed so right for her. Amethyst is a gemstone deeply steeped in history and lore once only possible for royalty, the powerful and wealthy; one of the stones of choice used in the crowns of kings and queens. It is a beautiful and mysterious stone from the quartz family formed in the heat of the volcanic earth, beautiful and elegant in it’s variations of lilac to intense deep purple. Purple is the color of royalty. The anchor in this family’s life is their Christian faith and one of the important necessities of this pendant was to have a certain scripture reference on the back;  Isaiah 40:31, “…they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength: they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”

Photo of Eagle Wax Carving for Custom Pendant by Janet Walker

Eagle Wax Carving for Custom Pendant by Janet Walker

So, this was to be a 14kt white gold Eagle Pendant. Louise liked the idea of the eagle carrying an Amethyst in her claws with Amethyst beads trailing down the sides of the chain to join the eagle. I drew a few eagle ideas and they chose which one appealed to them. I started carving the eagle to be a lost wax cast project and gathered up the Amethyst cabochon and beads. The challenge to me was to create an Eagle that was delicate enough to be worn by a lovely young woman and not look like a Biker Guy pendant! Really!!

Her folks liked the idea of an Eagle that had a realistic look to it with wings extended, so I created the wings to have cut outs to be lighter and more delicate and it worked. Making the Amethyst bead part of the necklace as feminine as possible and the crown for the Cabochon very ornate helped make this a very feminine necklace too. Louise emailed me, “Amy loves the necklace and has been wearing it non-stop since Christmas morning. As I suspected would happen, the other kids want something special too so we may be back next year :0)”

This is what we like to hear at Walker Goldsmiths. Thank you, Brian and Louise, for letting us be part of the Custom Pendant Christmas fun.


Photo of Eagle carrying Dinner for the Babies by Eric Walker

Eagle with Fish Dinner Photo by Eric Walker

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