A Custom “Our Story Ring” from Walker Goldsmiths …phase one

Photo of wax carving of Our Story Custom Wedding Ring

Wax carving of Our Story Custom Wedding Ring

Exciting adventures in the sun, surf and mountains are what this romantic couple want to celebrate with this Custom “Our Story” Wedding Ring. As the main wax carver, Janet Walker, I’m having a very fun time here at Walker Goldsmiths creating a “Our Story Ring”.  What’s that? Well, it’s my name for a ring with carvings of a scene that represents a person’s life. A sweet lady contacted me to make a ring for her fiancé that represents the life that they spend together and intend to continue.  They are sports minded and love to spend their time in the great outdoors.  Sun, surf, snow, mountains, lakes and the sea are all very important to their well-being. So this “Story Ring” has carvings of these scenes all around the ring.

This is the wax carving of the ring that represents the life they’ve had together and want to continue. This ring is 8mm wide, 2mm thick and comfort fit inside the band. This is their story and they’re stickin’ to it!

Photo of wax "Our Story Ring" on a Sprue Base

“Our Story Ring” on a Sprue Base


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