A Triskelion Wedding Set from Walker Goldsmiths

Celtic Design jewelry is pretty popular around our Walker Goldsmiths Studio these days.  Maybe we’re just warming up for the local Highland Games the first weekend in June or maybe because our name is Walker and that’s definitely Scots. I don’t know, but it sure is fun!  This is another wedding set carved by me, Janet Walker and cast and set by Owen Walker in our Walker Goldsmiths Studio.


Photo of Triskelion design 14kt Wedding Set

Triskelion design 14kt Wedding Set

The ring I’m highlighting today was designed together with the artist lady who wears this wedding set. She wanted the Celtic Triskelion and had found a picture of what she sort-of wanted on the internet.  We took that picture and her sketches/doodles and my professional advice and went with it. To her and her husband the symbolism of the traditional Triskelion represented their union of body, mind and spirit in their marriage; their marriage vows with their Heavenly Father. This body, mind and spirit element is the essence of the Love Knot.

This was a remake of their original wedding ring, a family heirloom that had belonged to her husband’s maternal great-great-grandmother. This diamond is 4 generations antique! We kept the original white gold antique illusion crown with the .25pt diamond as the center stone of the engagement ring.  It was in very good shape with years of wear still possible on this antique crown. Owen retipped the prongs and it was then good to go! I carved the wax with the Celtic Love knots stretched out along the top on both sides highlighting the crown. ! Owen melted all their gold and added some of ours alloying to cast the bands in 14kt yellow gold.  Not only does this integrate their original family gold but helps keep the cost down for these newlyweds. The Wedding band with two hammer set melee diamonds had a wee Love Knot in the center. (I just had to say “wee”!)


The symbolic element along with the generational aspect equals worthwhile traditions for this couple and we’re so very pleased to have participated in the creation of their wedding rings.  Thank you, Lyzz and Sam!

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  1. Leni & Pearl says:

    Hello … we love the triskelion wedding set: the uniqueness, the design, the style, the use of the stone and the fact that it is gold. We plan to be married next spring and are interested in a custom triskelion his and her wedding set with stones. (Just one ring for each of us.)

    We would like to know how to go about ordering a set and just a ballpark estimate of cost. We want to send you the stones for the rings.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    Leni and Pearl

    • Janet Walker says:

      Hi! No problem! We can figure this out! Were you liking the Engagement part of that set or the Wedding part of the set for your One Ring for both? The bigger diamond ring or the smaller 2 diamond ring?

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