A Variation on the Horseshoe Nail Engagement Ring

14kt White Gold Horseshoe Nail Ring with diamonds

Horseshoe Nail Engagement Ring

Walker Goldsmiths received an email from a young man who wanted a Custom Horseshoe Nail Diamond Engagement Ring.  He said, because “his girl was really into horses”!  We Love it!!  We love Horses too!

We sent him this information on how to get this ring rolling;

Step (1)  Find out her ring size.

Step (2) Figure out how much you can afford to spend on this ring. Do you or your families have any stones or metal that you want to put into this ring or trade?

Step (3) Let us know and we can then figure out how many and what size diamonds we can put in this ring.

Step (4) We draw you a picture of the ring with the correct number of diamonds and their sizes to fit your budget and let you know the exact cost of the job.  We like to have clear communication all along the way.

Step (5) We start on the wax carving and send you pictures to get your approval.  This is where we figure out if we’re really communicating!  Then you pay us at least half of the cost via PayPal to [email protected]  Or you can pay the whole fee, it’s up to you, whatever works best for you.

Step (6) We finish the ring, showing you pictures of our process all along the way and you pay us the final half payment if that was your choice. PayPal will notify us when this final payment goes through from you.

Step (7) We ship the ring to you and send tracking #s and estimated delivery date.

14 kt White Gold Horseshoe Nail Engagement Ring with Diamonds

14 kt White Gold Horseshoe Nail Engagement Ring with Diamonds

It was a fun ride for Walker Goldsmiths to create such a beautiful ring.  Thank you, Dusten, for the clear communication and fun that we had making this Custom Horseshoe Nail Diamond Engagement Ring for you and your sweetheart.


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  1. Tamar Wilson says:

    What a lovely ring! I’m interested in having a custom birthstone ring made for me. Could you contact me at [email protected]?
    Thank you!

  2. candis mayfield says:

    what would a ring like this go for from yall?

  3. candis mayfield says:

    Im getting married in less than month . I would really like to know how much a ring like this would be.
    email is [email protected]
    cell phone 205-412-3298

  4. How do I get a ring just like this one

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