Brilliant Precious Gems on Potlatch Collection Birthstone Rings

Walker Goldsmiths has often been asked to make a Birthstone Ring for a client and we love doing it. With the Christmas Season in 2013 we decided to make some Birthstone Rings using our elegant Potlatch Collection Ring designs and make them in 14kt yellow gold.


5mm Ruby on 14kt yellow Hummingbird Ring

Ruby on Hummingbird Ring

We made a beautiful little delicate Hummingbird design and set it with a .6 ct round Sri Lanka Ruby with excellent color and clarity. It’s a stunning stone set in a 6 prong crown.  This ring sells for $ 1,297.00

Another creation was a 14kt Lovebirds ring. In this 14kt yellow gold ring we set a .6 ct Sri Lanka Sapphire. This incredible stone has excellent color and clarity, set in a 6 prong crown. Both the Ruby and the Sapphire have wonderful color and clarity – not a bit cloudy or heavily included. The Sapphire Lovebirds is selling for $ 1,230.00. See the Lovebirds story here.

14kt yellow gold Lovebirds with 5mm medium blue Sapphire

Raven and Eagle with Blue Sapphire

Hummingbirds are a favorite of ours here at Walker Goldsmiths Studio. Once we were privileged to have a sweet little Hummingbird momma build a nest in the cedar tree right outside of our Studio window! It was quite a treat. Read our story here.


Walker Goldsmiths has lots of Sapphires in various colors and would love to make you a Birthstone Ring.




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