Custom Earrings from Recycled Jewelry at Walker Goldsmiths

photo of Karen's recycled jewelry earrings

Karen’s recycled jewelry earrings made from mother’s gold watch elements

My Friend, Karen, had some family jewelry that was precious to her so we made some custom earrings from recycled jewelry at Walker Goldsmiths Studio. Check out the photo and see the beautiful white gold fleur d’lis shapes each with 3 melee diamonds.  These were originally the little attachments on the side of a watch that connected the band to the watch.  This may have been her mother’s gold watch so we wanted to use the pretty parts and give them a new life.

Photo of white gold watch part with 3 melee diamonds

Fleur d’Lis watch part to be used in custom earrings

Karen loves blue Sapphires and I just happened to have some beauties! Owen set these .50ct, Bright Glacial deep Blue Sapphires in white gold crowns and soldered on a loop to attach the fleur d’lis.  This is when I drilled a hole in the bottom of the elements and attached a steely blue freshwater pearl to provocatively dangle.  This lovely combination of elements makes a beautifully dramatic and elegant pair of earrings.  This has been a great way to make custom earrings and incorporate recycled jewelry from old family pieces.  The memories go on.

One interesting angle to this story is the fact that Walker Goldsmiths is making these custom earrings from Karen’s family recycled jewelry as a trade.  Karen is a professional genealogist and she’s been doing research on my family for me in trade for my skills with her recycled jewelry.

Karen has dug up some wonderful information and names of my ancestors that I didn’t know.  She’s found out for me that I’m even more Polish/German/Russian than I previously knew!

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  1. Janet Walker says:

    Thanks Sandra! It was very much fun to do! …creating something from something else and keeping a lovely bit of the original piece alive 🙂

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