Custom Hand Carved Surfing Eagle Money Clip Story Part 1


Sterling Surfer Eagle Hand Carved Money Clip by Owen Walker

Hand Carved Surfer Eagle Sterling Money Clip by Owen Walker

Walker Goldsmiths has had a fun commission to work on this Christmas time. Owen was asked to custom hand carve a “Surfing Eagle” on a Money Clip! And, why a Surfing Eagle you may ask?

This money clip was made as a Christmas gift for a passionate California surfer. This fellow is marrying a Tlingit woman whose family is from Yakatat, Alaska. They are from the Raven side of the village and he has to be an Eagle. He has to have a Tlingit identity, so he is now named the “Surfing Eagle”. See the legend of the Lovebirds . Walker Goldsmiths and the fiance’s parents created a Tlingit identity for him with this Custom Hand Carved Money Clip. Stay tuned for further developments on this story. Native traditions and customs are always interesting!


Photo of Surfer Eagle by Eric Walker

Eric Walker Photo of Surfer Eagle


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  1. Helen June King says:

    Just have to tell you guys I love your work , I own two of your bracelets, the beaver one being my favorite.. I am from Yakutat, just wanted to tell you Yakutat is spelled with a U …. The money clip is cool, thanks for sharing and Thank you for your beautiful work… Sincerely June King…

    • Janet Walker says:

      June! Thank you for that! Shame on me and Owen too, because he edited my post!!! We truly know that Yakutat is spelled with a U !!!! Do you know Jim Thomas? He’s the fella’ from Yakutat that commissioned the money clip. Old friend and neighbor. One of our daughters wears that Beaver bracelet too. Comfortable little critter, huh? Plus the story of the first beaver being a woman who would not put up with abuse…awesome story. Thanks again! Janet

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