Custom Lovebirds Ring with Diamonds

Photo of Flashy 14kt white gold Lovebirds ring with 1ct. total weight in diamonds

Flashy white gold Lovebirds ring with 1ct. total weight in diamonds.

This is a variation of the Lovebirds Ring that we make for our Potlatch Ring Collection here at Walker Goldsmiths. This ring can be a Self sizer or as we’ve done here with crowns put into the open gap on top to accommodate setting stones. The Lovebirds story is a wonderful tradition of the Northwest Coast Native people.

Joshua contacted us in the middle of his fishing season off the coast of Alaska. His Sweetheart was in need of an engagement ring, in fact, he hadn’t even asked her to marry him yet!! Joshua had found our website and really liked the Lovebirds ring so we emailed back and forth ideas on how to make that ring extra special. He was having an exceptionally good season commercial fishing so he knew that now was the time to “spring for the ring”. He didn’t want his Sweetheart to get away!

 Walker Goldsmiths jumped at the chance to help him out because we truly enjoy the excitement of this love business.  We made this ring with the Lost Wax technique in 14kt White Gold, then Owen put his magic diamond finders cap on and went to searching coming up with 3 gorgeous diamonds that equal a carat to set in the center of the Lovebirds; a half carat center with two quarter carats on each side. Joshua wanted this ring to be 14kt white gold and that was no problem, and of course, we specialize in setting diamonds in 6 prong Platinum crowns for strength and durability. The effect was marvelous; lots of flash! We sent it off to him and waited to hear the news. Joshua and his Sweetheart loved the Custom Lovebirds Engagement or Wedding Ring with Diamonds and, “She said Yes”! Thank you, Josh, for putting us in the loop as we love to hear the good news. 

Photo of top view of Lovebirds ring with 3 diamonds equaling 1 full carat.

Top view of Lovebirds Ring


Photo of 14kt White gold Lovebirds ring with squared bottom shank

14kt White gold Lovebirds ring with squared bottom shank


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  1. Leona Malmberg says:

    My future son in law is looking for a ring like this to propose to our daughter. Can you send me information on this ring such as the cost and if he has his own stone can a solitaire be used instead of the three stones in there now?
    Any help you can give would be a great starting point.

  2. Owen Walker says:

    Hi Leona, Thanks for the inquiry! This 14kt Lovebirds ring can definitely be set with a Solitaire stone. Cost as of 9/3/14 is $700 with out stone or crown. We’d love to help out! Best Wishes!

  3. Liana Shelby says:

    I really like your work and I’m wondering if you do custom work as well?


  4. Bryan Bothwell says:

    Hello I am looking for a ring just like this one, I live in California but my girlfriend whom I am looking to purpose to is part native Alaskan….. Where can I get a ring just like this and how much would this run me cost wise.

    • Janet Walker says:

      Hi Bryan, email me at [email protected] and we can talk about prices, which depend primarily on the diamonds wanted. An average size 14kt white or yellow gold Horseshoe Nail Ring runs around $1,000 without diamonds. We can work with you, we can recycle family gold and reset family diamonds, all to help get you what you want! 🙂

  5. Jason Gold says:

    Hi im looking to find a ring just like this one…
    What are the average prices and such?

    • Janet Walker says:

      Hi Jason, Beautiful ring, right?! Assume, roughly, around $1,000 for the basic ring depending on the price of gold on that day and size needed. Then whatever sizes of diamonds you desire determines the final price. We can walk you through a process that will take into consideration your budget and get you a gorgeous ring! Email us at [email protected] and we can talk this over. Hope to do business with you!

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