Custom Wedding Rings are exciting!

Diamonds & Sapphires - Custom Wedding Set

Diamonds and Sapphires – Custom Wedding Set

Custom Wedding Rings are exciting at Walker Goldsmiths!

I’ve had an interesting few days this past week. A new friend and husband -to-be came by our Walker Goldsmiths Studio to talk wedding rings. We love doing custom rings for folks and this one is no exception. There are lots of stones to set and a challenge to incorporate her design and our expertise. They also had old family gold to recycle and a stack of Silver Dollars to trade towards the wedding rings.

When we talked Owen was sure they said that the wedding day was the 10th of July. So off I went to Oregon to visit my Dad for Father’s Day and Owen kept plugging along on the mountain of hand carved Bracelets and Earrings that are currently on his bench. I came home thinking I had quite a few days left before their rings were due and proceeded to finish up the garden planting. They called wondering about the status of their rings and Owen told them I was in the garden and was soon to proceed. Holy Crow! Low and behold the wedding date is the 1st not the 10th! So I dropped my shovel and box of fertilizer and headed to the studio. Hours later I emerged with a wonderful wax ring with the stones all positioned to photograph to show them how it would look. I love it!! Can’t go wrong with Diamonds and Sapphires! It was approved by the couple and is now invested, drying and will go into the kiln for burnout in the early morning to be lost wax cast tomorrow afternoon. Owen will finish the gold, solder on the crowns and set the stones probably on Tuesday. Hooray! We’ll make the deadline! Attached is a photo of the purple wax that I carve to create the base for the Platinum and Gold crowns. I’ll post a photo when were done. It will be a beauty!

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  1. craftymiser says:

    Owen and Janet are doing an excellent job on our ring! We are so happy with the carvings and can’t wait to see the final rings! They’ve done an excellent job translating what we wanted into a beautiful creation. We highly recommend them!

  2. Victoria Hampton says:

    Thank you both for dropping everything when you realized the date was sooner! We are so excited and the ring is beautiful! Designing is so much fun! It was great getting to know you both while looking at designs and planning ours. We look forward to the final stage and seeing it in person. Thanks for your great spirits that came into our lives!

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