Custom Wedding Rings for Sweethearts to “Tie the Knot”

Photo of 14kt "Tie the Knot" Custom Wedding Rings

“Tie the Knot” Custom Wedding Rings

Walker Goldsmiths made these Custom Wedding Rings for a couple of real sweethearts to “Tie the Knot”. Their story really twangs the heartstrings!  The groom is an old friend of ours who divorced and lived single for too many years.  So one day his telephone rings and it’s a voice from the past.  He doesn’t recognize the woman’s voice, but they get to talking and he finds out the caller is an acquaintance from High School days.  This woman had been an “unapproachable” Cheerleader and popular girl that he felt he could never get a chance to get to know!  Now, her story is that she had been widowed twice, children all grown and off on their own and was lonesome and looking for companionship.  She had talked with a girlfriend who knew that he was single and dared her to give him a call for New Year’s Eve was just around the corner.  They visited and really hit it off!  Romance and friendship bloomed since they really had so much in common; previous partners out of the picture, children off and grown, same age and location experience and similar acquaintances from the past.

Side view of "Tie the Knot" Custom Wedding Rings

Side view of “Tie the Knot” Custom Wedding Rings

They decided to waste no time and get married!  They had a handful of old gold jewelry to recycle and a silver ring that she really liked the Knot part of the design; a knot that symbolized what they were tying!  We made her a ring similar to the silver one with a few changes for comfort and excellence in gold and got her a new big stone set in a platinum crown!  He always had worn his grandfather’s ring so he wanted to continue with that, but it was too worn out so we melted the gold and added some and made him a new comfort fit band in the spirit of this new adventure.  They wanted to just get on with LIFE and we were ready to help all we could!  We watched these real sweethearts  “Tie the Knot”.

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