Denis and Laurie’s Two Paths Wedding Rings

Photo of 14kt Gold Two Paths Wedding Rings

Two Paths Wedding Rings

Walker Goldsmiths were privileged a couple of weeks ago to be involved with making Custom Wedding Rings for a couple of special people. It was very much fun! They came to us highly recommended by a dear friend and mother of the groom. They had found on the internet a ring design that they thought would work and we started from there. I always want to know what everyday work they each do to ensure that the ring design is “workable” and comfortable in their daily lives. Some jobs are just not conducive to masses of highly elevated and crown set diamonds or stones that are basically too soft or brittle for everyday wear. It’s our job to educate our customers so they can be 100% happy with their choice.

Wax Carving of Two Paths Wedding Ring

Wax Carving of Two Paths Wedding Ring

The ring design that they liked they found on the internet and it was pretty close to very good, it just needed some special touches that would make it more wearable. We specialize in the rounded squared bottom shank that creates a weight/balance to the top design. I truly hate it whenever a ring turns on my finger and pokes me between my fingers, so we have answered the problem with the counter weight shank-back. So, of course I just love all the rings we make! The top of the ring also needed a more rounded structure compared to the initial design that they found because these kids are active hard working folks. The adjustments we made created a functional, substantial, comfortable, easy wear wedding ring. I carved a wax of the design making all the better changes to the initial design then called them to come and approve the wax. At this point we were able to finalize and see if we were truly communicating! And we were!  The rings, being wax were molded and kiln fired to remove the wax from the mold, as this is the “lost wax” process.  The rings were then cast in 14kt yellow gold by Owen and finished to a high polish.

The Two Paths Wedding Rings – we all cross paths in life all the time, what’s rare and amazing is that two paths can cross and then join to become one! Another sweet aspect of this tale is that Denis is a truck driver and Laurie works here and there all over Whatcom County, her long time home.

Now the really fun thing about all this wedding ring stuff is that these kids planned and accomplished an elopement! It’s so very romantic! Walker Goldsmiths were privy, somewhat, to the secret and had to scurry to get them made in time and we loved every minute of it. Both came with family gold to be melted and incorporated in the rings, so here again is the concept of the paths of ancestors going on in the lives of these two path finders.

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  1. Claire FitzGerald says:

    Walker Goldsmiths are great jewelry designers and precious metals craftsmen. Owen and Janet Walker are treasured friends who give their customers a lot of care and attention to create exactly what is suited specifically to each individual. Their work it both amazing and outstanding quality.

  2. Katharine Cole-Woodring says:

    I love this ring! How much for the ladies in US dollars size71/2 please?

  3. Janet Walker says:

    Hi Katherine, Thanks for asking! This ring is very substantial, not flimsy, comfort fit band, weights about 9gms. Beautiful Ring…cost $1,200.

  4. Donna Brand-Harte says:

    Are these rings still available to be made & in white gold? How many MM wide it the top & bottom of the ring please?
    Thank you!

  5. Robert Davis says:

    Hi, my significant other Shannon and me have amazing paths that became one path and are interested in path rings. The ones you made for that couple(the truck driver) are beautiful in theirb simplicity.
    We like substantial rings that are squared a bit for no rotation. 8 to 10 millimeters wide?



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