Hand Carved Big Eagle Sterling Bracelet

Photo of Hand Carved Sterling Eagle Bracelet D1

Hand Carved Sterling Big Eagle Bracelet D1

The Big Eagle Sterling Silver Bracelet, D1, is principally the first BIG Bracelet design that Owen Walker has hand carved for Walker Goldsmiths.  Everyone can relate to eagles in some way so this hand carved bracelet design #1 has been in demand.  After all, it is our national bird!

Eagle also represents one of the two principle clans of the Northwest Coast peoples; the other is Raven. As elsewhere in the world eagles are respected for their strength and acrobatic flying abilities.  There are many, many Eagle stories most of which involve villages or individuals being saved from certain destruction by benevolent and courageous eagles.  As one of the two principal family crests Eagle appears on many totem poles and innumerable objects of both use and art.

When guests are received at a Potlatch and seated in the house, the welcome dancers place a handful of eagle down inside the frontlet or headdress that they wear so that by the actions of the dance the guests are lightly showered with eagle down.  This is a mark of respect for guests and a statement of the hosts’ high social standing.  Owen says, “You will notice that sometimes I capitalize Eagle or Raven and sometimes not, which means that when the capital is used I am speaking of the primeval Eagle or Raven from the beginning of the world when men and animals could all speak the same language and could physically transform their shapes.  When the capital is not used I am speaking of eagles and ravens as we see them in the world of today.”

Do you have a wrist that needs a beautiful symbol of the ability to transform and handle life’s challenges?  Owen Walker’s Eagle Bracelet is the one for you.

Hand Carved ~ Sterling Silver Big Eagle Bracelet, design 1 ~ by Owen Walker
design #1, 1 and 1/4″ wide and approximately 7″ long. The length can be changed depending on wrist width of wearer for optimal comfort

Unit Price: 650.00
Shipping for US & CA: $5.00

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