Hand Carved Sterling Alpha Wolf Bracelet

Photo of Hand Carved Sterling Alpha Wolf Bracelet Design 7 by Owen Walker

Hand Carved Sterling Alpha Wolf Bracelet #7 by Owen Walker

This Hand Carved Sterling Alpha Wolf Bracelet by Owen Walker, Design #7 is a gorgeous bracelet.  Some of our favorite friends are wearing it!  It is a large bracelet for large personalities.  The design itself is a large spaced design, not at all fussy, and it has the ability to sport a lovely piece of Abalone for the eye or even Red Gold.

Wolf is an enigmatic character on the Northwest Coast because there is not a great body of Wolf stories as there are for Eagle and Raven.  On Haida Gwaii the Wolf was only known from hearsay as there were no wolves on those islands, but the Wolf was an important family crest of the Raven Clan.

Owen says, “When I lived in Palmer, AK, our house was west of town right on the Matanuska River bank.  On still winter nights I would often hike out on the river flats where I could hear the wolf pack that lived on the other side of the river.  I would sing back to them and they would answer for a while.  They would stop after an hour or so, I guess they thought I wasn’t that good of a singer or didn’t have much to say!  I have found over the years that certain people are attracted to certain animals.  This is often a mystery to me as I grew up in the bush and speak Raven as well as my physical limitations allow.  I often think that if these people knew the animals that they feel an affinity for they would not be so enthusiastic about them.  I am probably wrong!  I have known three packs of wolves very well and I do not like wolves at all, but then I am a Raven…  Wolf song can still bring a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye.  I never claimed to be a rational being!”

There is another mythical character that this bracelet could represent and that is Wasco, the Sea Wolf, which is an Eagle family crest.  The Wasco was a giant Sea Wolf that caught and ate whales, usually depicted in Makah and Nootka Art as a wolf with a dorsal fin.  If you are a Raven this is a Wolf, if you are an Eagle this is Wasco, either way it brings a fierce protective spirit to your wrist. Whether Wasco really exists or not is an entirely different matter!

Hand Carved ~ Sterling Silver Alpha Wolf Bracelet ~ by Owen Walker
design #7, 1 and 1/4 inches wide tapering to 3/4″ with Abalone inlay.

Unit Price: 750.00
Shipping for US & CA: $5.00

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