Hand Carved Sterling Jumping Salmon Pendant

Walker Goldsmiths Hand Carved Sterling Jumping Salmon Pendant #400

Walker Goldsmiths Hand Carved Sterling Jumping Salmon Pendant #400

We’ve seen many a Jumping Salmon, not only hand carved sterling silver ones at Walker Goldsmiths, but also the real live kind as Salmon fishermen in the water off Alaska and Washington State. Salmon can really jump! Owen says that they jump to show fishermen where to set their net. As a Gillnet fisherman he always looked for “jumpers”. And there are lots of theories about why they do jump. I’ve seen them jump out of the water to get away from Orca’s and jump to just move faster and trick a Sea lion that wants to eat them. Salmon swim and jump against raging currents, escaping  ravenous predators like bald eagles, seals, whales, sharks and bears.

Salmon live most of their lives in Salt water, but go to freshwater streams to lay their eggs. The fry (young salmon) grow in fresh water and then go down to live in the salt water. When females go back to fresh water to spawn, they will jump clear of the water to loosen their eggs sacks so they’re easier to deposit in the stream bed gravel.  Storms can bring too much rain, which leaves the salmon swimming against a ferocious current and while moving upstream Coho Salmon may jump to clear obstacles. They can jump as high as 6 1/2 feet! Fry jump to catch bugs on the water surface. Storms may leave them stranded in shallow waters of rivers and creeks, which in turn leave them at risk for parasites and infections and I’ve heard that they jump to dislodge these parasites on their gills. I think they jump just to show off, just because they can!

Are you a fisherman? Have you enjoyed seeing these beautiful flashing slivers of life jump out of the water doing whatever it is they’re doing? Tantalizing your taste buds no doubt! What spirit, strength and source of life. A Jumping Salmon is the symbol of fertility and wealth and that makes sense to me. How about you? Can Owen make one for you here at Walker Goldsmiths?

Hand Carved ~ Sterling Silver Jumping Salmon Pendant ~ by Owen Walker
design #400, 1 and 5/8ths inches wide. Comes with an 18 inch Sterling chain.

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Shipping for US & CA: $5.00

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