Hand Carved Sterling Salish Salmon Pendant

Photo of Walker Goldsmiths Hand Carved Sterling Salish Salmon Pendant #401

Walker Goldsmiths Hand Carved Sterling Salish Salmon Pendant #401

Walker Goldsmiths sterling silver Salish Salmon Pendant #401 is hand carved by Owen Walker in our studio on Gooseberry Point, Bellingham, Washington on the shore of the Salish Sea on the Lummi Indian Reservation.

Our friend and marine biologist, Bert Webber, first named this area The Salish Sea in 1988. “The Salish Sea is an intricate network of coastal waterways between the south-western tip of British Columbia and the north-western tip of Washington, US, including the Strait of Juan de Fuca, Strait of Georgia, and Puget Sound, and all their connecting channels and adjoining waters, such as Haro Strait, Rosario Strait, Bellingham Bay, and the waters around and between the San Juan Islands in Washington and the Gulf Islands in British Columbia. The adoption of the term, he said, would raise consciousness about taking care of the region’s waters and ecosystems. The Coast Salish are the indigenous peoples who live in southwest British Columbia and northwest Washington state along the Salish Sea and share a common linguistic and cultural origin. The Coast Salish are seen as one of the main cultural and linguistic branches of a larger group known as Salishan or Salish.” See more about this at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salish_Sea .

For more than 30 yrs. we’ve fished this Salish Sea and enjoyed an amazing variety of seafood and one of the richest and most delicious are the many varieties of Salmon.  Owen is an expert on smoking Salmon in all their varieties; Sockeye (Red), Coho (Silver, Dog (Chum), Humpies (Pink), King (Spring or Tyee) and then of course, there’s the wonderful Steelhead (Square tail).

This design of the lively Salish Salmon is a tribute to these wonderful fish and all the good feasting we’ve enjoyed.  How about you, does your mouth water at the sight of a chunk of smoked salmon or a beautiful baked or BBQ’d Salmon.

Hand Carved ~ Sterling Silver Salish Salmon Pendant ~ by Owen Walker
design #401, 1 1/2″ long and 5/8ths inches wide. Comes with an 18 inch Sterling chain.

Gillnetting in the Salish sea

Gillnetting in the Salish sea

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