Hand Carved Sterling Transforming Raven Bracelet

Photo of Walker Goldsmiths Hand Carved Sterling Bracelet Transforming Raven D11 by Owen Walker

Sterling Bracelet Transforming Raven #11 Hand Carved by Owen Walker

Transforming Raven Bracelet, Design #11, is Hand Carved in Sterling Silver by Owen Walker of Walker Goldsmiths.  Every Indian tribe on the Northwest Coast tells the story of Raven Stealing the Light from the Grandfather Creator.

This Transforming Raven Bracelet shows Raven with both bird and human parts.  He is mostly bird but shows his human hand as he transforms to fly out of the Creators house with the sun.  It was Raven, with both human and bird qualities, which placed the sun, the moon and the stars in the heavens. First, that sly character in his human form, would devise a way to trick Grandfather Creator into letting him play with the glowing orbs in his magic box. Succeeding in that as a human, he transformed back to Raven and flew with the glowing orbs out through the smoke hole releasing them into the sky. That conniving Raven, thank goodness he did! Raven was forever helping, or hindering the Creator in organizing the world.

“I created this design for my daughter’s high school graduation present and it is still one of my favorite designs to carve, perhaps because I am a Raven.  I have lived in the bush most of my life and ravens have always been part of the milieu in which I operate.  I speak pretty good raven except that I don’t have the vocal equipment to make some of the more exotic sounds, but I do enjoy hearing them.  I have included a URL to a site with recorded raven sounds, they are VERY good recordings with out background noise, but missing is one of my favorite calls.  It sounds for all the world like a large brass bell, being struck with a hammer, one peal at a time!”

click here to hear Ravens

Hand Carved ~ Sterling Silver Transforming Raven Bracelet ~ by Owen Walker
design #11, 1 and 1/4″ wide tapering slightly to 1 ” with Abalone inlaid eyes.

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