Humpback Whale Wedding Rings are Story Rings


photo of Humpback Whale rings

Humpback Whale Weddings Rings

These Humpback Whale Wedding Rings are Barbara and John’s Story Rings.  They depict the gorgeous Humpback Whale shooting to the ocean surface then splashing back down into the water.  The island mountain views are there with palm trees and waves rippling on the sea.  14 kt yellow gold was the metal of choice.  John and Barb had some old gold that they wanted to Recycle and we were eager to make this possible for them.  I’ve got to say how much fun I had meeting these folks, carving and lost wax casting these rings, and hearing their stories of their winters on Maui where they have friends and beautiful experiences. Barbara told us, “We love our rings! We go to Maui and stay in Kihei. I volunteer with the NOAA Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale Marine Sanctuary. I am a docent at the visitor center, aquarium and on a whale watch boat. Best volunteer job ever. Five or six days a week I paddle with the Kihei Canoe Club from Sugar Beach at sunrise. By the beginning of January two or three whale moms usually give birth in the area where we paddle. It’s fairly shallow there so they are less likely to have trouble with sharks or amorous male whales approaching from below. We are often close to each other. Pretty special.”

November through May is when thousands of North Pacific Humpback whales grace Hawaiian waters during their annual winter migration. At a whopping 25 to 40 tons, Pacific Humpback whales are the fifth largest whale species in the world and make a huge splash when they breach and splash back down. A very exciting thing to see!  North Pacific Humpback whales travel over 3,500 miles from Alaska to Hawaii every year to mate and give birth, breaching and nursing their young in South Maui coastal areas.  One reason this was so much fun for us is that Owen sees these same whales at the other end of their journey when they are feeding in the rich cold waters of the North Pacific Ocean. Many of the mothers are still nursing their babies and we see the same exuberant behaviors, breaching, pectoral fin slapping, and feeding activity.

Barb and John experience this wondrous life adventure that has been a big part of their fun together.  Thanks, Barb and John, for giving Walker Goldsmiths the opportunity to make these 14 kt yellow gold Humpback Whale Wedding Rings for you and vicariously experience the fun you have together with the Humpbacks.

Janet carving the Humpback Whale ring out of wax.

Janet carving the Humpback Whale Ring out of wax





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