Cast Sterling Frog Earrings

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Walker Goldsmiths Lost Wax Cast Sterling Frog Earrings #606

The Sterling Frog Earrings by Walker Goldsmiths by the lost wax cast technique are sweet little jumping critters. Owen and I heard our first croak the other evening while we were up at Snoqualmie Falls. What a joy that was to hear it announce the soon arrival of spring. It represents a new chance and everyone needs that! Frogs have also been known to be heralds of abundance, fertility and general good fortune for the people. They are called “Wookus” by the Lummi People. Northwest Coast Indians believe Frog to be a powerful spirit messenger. An ancient story describes five young men on a fishing expedition. They put in to an island to spend the night and found frogs jumping about their camp. Full of mischief they threw a frog into the fire and laughed as it popped. Quite taken with the fun sound of the experience they repeated it until the ground began to shake and then a mountain erupted. A huge Volcano Woman came out of the forest toward them crying “What have you done to my children?” As her tears hit the earth they magically turned into Frogs. The men ran to their canoe to get away but she had already placed a curse on them. They would all die before they could get home to their village, except one, who would only live long enough to tell the story and teach the people to never harm the frogs or defenseless creatures. A friend taught me that the spelling of FROG explains just how the frog is indeed a Spirit Messenger, because the letters of its name represent F- forever R- relying O- on G- God. Are you feeling waterlogged, bogged down or drowning in emotions? Maybe the totem of Frog is just what you need for a symbol of your transformation.

Potlatch Collection ~ Sterling Silver Frog Earrings ~ by Janet Walker
Hand-cast, Lost wax, design #606 is 1″ long, and 1/2″ wide. Comes on Sterling Earring hooks.

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