Cast Sterling Frog Pendant

Photo of Walker-Goldsmiths-Cast-Sterling-Frog-Pendant-#607

Walker Goldsmiths Lost Wax Cast Sterling Frog Pendant # 607

Kiss this lost wax cast Sterling Frog by Walker Goldsmiths and see what happens!  Frogs have ancient mythology and magic about them. Being creatures of the water and land they are associated with the mysteries and emotions of each element.  Native American tribes call them Spirit Guides having insight into the emotional states of others and those with this totem are considered sincerely sympathetic individuals. Is this the real you?

Potlatch Collection ~ Sterling Silver Frog Pendant ~ by Janet Walker
Hand-cast, Lost wax, design #607 is 1 1/4″ long, and 1/2″ wide. Comes with an 18 inch Sterling chain.

Unit Price: 50.00
Shipping for US & CA: $5.00

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