Cast Sterling Frog Ring

Sterling Silver Frog Ring

Sterling Silver Frog Ring

“If a person is in a proper frame of mind, showing courage and perseverance, their guardian spirit will appear to them in a dream or vision. They might see it or hear it’s song. Frog is just such an individual spirit that can give one a special power, protection from demons, guiding and directing them and coming to their aid when in need.”…Franz Boas

Frogs are associated with abundance and fertility and astounding change. Their life cycle shapes are always changing; egg, to polliwog, to frog and adapting from water to land. The lessons from Frogs are adaptability and abundance.

Available in sizes 6 to 14.

Walker Goldsmiths Potlatch Collection ~ Sterling Silver Frog Ring ~ by Janet Walker
Hand-cast, Lost wax, design #301, 10mm wide face, tapering to 5mm wide base on the squared shank, carved ring face is 6mm high and slightly hollow for good balance.

Unit Price: $175.00
Shipping for US & CA: $5.00
half sizes available
Size :
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