Cast Sterling Otter Ring

WGS_CastRing_310_leftsidebackview copy             Owen and I fell in love with Otters many years ago and making this lost wax cast Sterling Silver Otter Ring #310 was a natural step for Walker Goldsmiths. Otters are such sensuous, joyful and feisty critters! If you’ve been blessed with the opportunity to watch them play you can only come away feeling happy. They roll, tumble and dive so acrobatic and agile in the water. They are at home on land, river or sea, distinctively versatile. The Otters on our Otter Ring are tumbling and diving around ones finger! The Sages tell us that Otter will teach us not only to have fun but to awaken a sense of wonder and adventure in our surroundings. We like to think we do that here at Walker Goldsmiths. My son-in-law likes to say, “that’s how I roll!”   How about you?

Available in sizes 6 to 14.

Potlatch Collection ~ Sterling Silver Otter Ring ~ by Janet Walker
Hand-cast, Lost wax, design #310, 10mm wide face, tapering to 5mm wide base on the squared shank, carved ring face is 6mm high and slightly hollow for good balance.

Unit Price: $175.00
Shipping for US & CA: $5.00
half sizes available 
Size :

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    Photo of Walker-Goldsmiths-Cast-Sterling-Ring-#310-frontview

    Walker Goldsmiths Lost Wax Cast Sterling Otter Ring #310, frontview