Cast Sterling Raven Earrings

Photo of Walker-Goldsmiths-cast-Sterling-Raven-Earrings-#612

Walker Goldsmiths Lost Wax Cast Sterling Raven Earrings #612

We’ve made the lost wax cast Sterling Raven at Walker Goldsmiths for many reasons. Owen claims Raven as his Totem and we love the many stories and depictions of Raven as a magic, shape shifting, and creative being. Raven has a wealth of myth and lore surrounding him and they all seem so real and possible. We live among the Ravens and they are always a treat to watch. Knowing the many legends makes watching them so much more fun. Human and animal spirits intermingle with Raven and he’s played a huge part in the mythology of the Pacific Northwest as well as many other parts of the world. His shape shifting, his tool making and unique reasoning above that of most all birds is incredible in stories and reality. They are not intimidated by much of anything. They are smarter than most. They are not easy prey. They are magical. This Raven dances with his Chilkat Blanket while proclaiming his Raven Clan. His highly valued powers of organization helped him to create every needful thing, …and some that were not! If Raven comes into your life expect magic!

Potlatch Collection ~ Sterling Silver Raven Earrings ~ by Janet Walker
Hand-cast, Lost wax, design #612 is 1″ long, and 1/2″ wide. Comes on Sterling Earring hooks.

Unit Price: 50.00
Shipping for US & CA: $5.00

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