Cast Sterling Whale Earrings

Photo of Walker-Goldsmiths-Cast-Sterling-Whale-Earrings-#616

Walker Goldsmiths Lost Wax Cast Sterling Whale Earrings #616

I’ve always enjoyed our lost wax cast Whale Earrings at Walker Goldsmiths because they are such lovely dancing creatures. They hang so lovely and dance so gracefully from your ears. This whale dances to catch the light and shine beautifully. Baleen Whales are quite common in Northwest Coast Style Art, especially in Nuu-chah-nulth Art. All whales have the ability and ancient knowledge to conserve breath and use the creative force of breath for a variety of purposes; creating bubble nets to collect food, for the force of power to lunge from the sea to catch seals, to swim very fast yet with determined timing and to sing! Whales just don’t hold back. Are your creative powers on hold, being kept inside and afraid to let it out? Whale totem people are very creative. It’s time to breach… Wear these Whale earrings and let the world know that your time is now!

Potlatch Collection ~ Sterling Silver Whale Earrings ~ by Janet Walker
Hand-cast, Lost wax, design #616 is 1″ long, and 1/2″ wide. Comes on Sterling Earring hooks.

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Shipping for US & CA: $5.00

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