Lost Wedding Ring Do-over

Black Star Sapphire and diamonds Wedding Ring Replacement

Black Star Sapphire and Diamonds Wedding Ring Replacement

After months of searching, our dear friend Patti called Walker Goldsmiths and said, “Help!”, she’d lost her precious Wedding Ring.  Many, many years ago Patti had guided us through the creation of her dream wedding ring, so to hear that she’d lost it was a very sad tale.  She and Harry had turned the house upside down looking for it to no avail.  Patti, a serious sewing lady, said she thought that just maybe she had lost it in the bolts of fabric that get squished so tight together in the fabric shops.  There was nothing to do but make a new Custom Wedding Ring as she was tired of wearing alternatives.  I’ll always think of her experience now when fabric shopping!

A Black Star Sapphire was a total must have, along with a swirling cluster of diamonds.  We dug up the photo we had made of Patti’s original wedding ring that we keep on file to use as a reference.  She wanted one as near as possible to the “lost ring”.   This was to be a Custom Lost Wedding Ring Do-Over, with a couple of improvements.  Her original ring was a wide yellow gold band with another ring overlaying and attached to the wedding band, but this was to be one solid wide ring with the Sapphire and diamonds and my signature squared bottom shank to keep the ring from turning on her finger.

14 kt gold work done and ready to set stones

14 kt gold work done and ready to set stones

Now Patti’s not afraid of flashy rings and it was a pleasure for me to make a beautiful ring for her; Black Star Sapphire cabochon, Diamonds and 14 kt yellow gold.  Gorgeous combination for sure! It started with carving the wax and getting her approval. Harry was a darling and obviously wanted his bride happy and not being so sad over losing her ring.  Harry got a ring re-do also.  His uncle had passed away and left him a gorgeous Blue Star Sapphire set in a White gold ring, but it was way too small for Harry to wear.  Owen sized it up for Harry and then lost wax cast Patti’s new ring in 14 kt Yellow Gold, set the stones and called them to say “Come and get ’em.”  Walker Goldsmiths were excited!

I found a quote the other day that especially rings true for me lately and Patti has lived it! ” Don’t waste your time looking back, you’re not going that way”… Ragnar Lothbrok .  Sometimes people lose important emotional jewelry and never replace them, always pining for that symbol of something special in their lives.  I admire those that just turn the page and get on with it, getting a new ring or whatever it is to remind them of the happy times in their life.  Walker Goldsmiths congratulates Patti on making the positive choice for happy memories and a new Custom Wedding Ring.

Diamonds and Black Star Sapphire wedding Ring

Diamonds and Black Star Sapphire wedding Ring

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