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 Design #19 Little Bear Hand Carved Bracelet

Hand Carved Little Bear Design #19 by Owen Walker

This is another hand carved bear design by Owen Walker, and it occurs to me that I don’t know how many different bear designs I have produced, and I guess it doesn’t matter. When you live in South East Alaska (the Panhandle), bears are your neighbors even in the towns. They are every where! When bears are your neighbors you learn never to take them for granted, and never to think you know what they will do next. There is one certain thing about bears and that is their unpredictability!
Walker Goldsmiths designed this Bear Bracelet at the request of those wanting a bit smaller design to fit smaller wrists, yet have a large bear personality. The bear, both black and grizzly, are ancient family crests or totems, and respected by people all over the world. This one I think is playful and kind but strong and fierce when need be!

Design #19 Little Bear Bracelet

Owen Walker’s Hand Carved Bracelet, Little Bear #19

Hand-carved Sterling Silver Bear Bracelet by Owen Walker, 1.25 inch width tapering to .75 inch.

Abalone Inlay on Little Bear Bracelet

Little Bear Getting His Abalone Eyes

price: $450.00
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