Two Paths Custom 14kt White Gold Ring

Two Paths 14kt White Gold Ring

Two Paths 14kt White Gold Ring


Donna saw the Two Paths Ring here on our website and got in contact with us at Walker Goldsmiths to make one similar for her.  She had been looking at it for sometime and finally decided to just do it for herself.  Always a good decision for us girls!

We talked about what metal to make it out of; what is most wearable, if there are any allergy concerns, what color is most suitable to her, as she wanted to wear it all the time.  14kt White Gold was the metal of choice and we went ahead carving the wax then to casting and finishing.  The Two Paths ring turned out beautiful.

Curious what this ring, the idea of Two Paths, meant to Donna, I asked and she told me; “I chose this ring as a representation of my life.  Two paths… one being life prior to falling ill and the other learning to live within my limits now.  I’ve always been strong willed and try to stay positive regardless what curve-ball life tends to throw at me.  I came across this ring on one of my “tough days” and it just spoke to me with its durability (strength) & symbolism (faith in my journey) that I knew it was for me.”

This is a beautiful story that I needed to hear!  Walker Goldsmiths is especially grateful for the opportunity to be a part of providing Donna with this symbol of her determination and strong spirit.  It was very personally touching to me.  Thank you, Donna, for this lovely Two Paths Ring project.


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