Raven Dancing Hand Carved Sterling Pendant

Raven Dancing hand carved sterling silver pendant by Owen Walker design #402. Owen’s got a favorite story that he likes to relate about Raven that he read in the National Geographic many years ago concerning the intelligence of the Raven. A piece of meat was hung on a string from a perch in a tall cage and one by one different birds were let into there to observe and see their techniques for getting the meat. Eagles and hawks and others would fly and try to get this meat on a string but it would elude them. A Raven was let in and he immediately landed on the perch, leaned down and got a bit of string in his beak, pulled it up and stepped on it. He did this again and again until the meat was brought up to the perch and he had his lunch. No fuss, no muss! We observed Ravens and Racoons in cahoots to steal our food on Lake Ozette on the Olympic Peninsula during a campout. They were very ingenious and cooperative and seemed to have done it before. There are lots of Raven stories in Native legends and I’m sure they’re all true. This is one of those transforming images that we love so much. Raven is dancing, his wing mimics the shape of a Chilkat dance robe. I know he is having a good time. $175.00

Raven in action with his dance robe

Raven in action with his dance robe #402

Hand-carved Sterling Silver Raven #402 by Owen Walker, a very popular pendant. 1 3/4″ width, 1 1/2″ length. Pendant comes with an 18″ Sterling chain.

price: $150.00


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