A Beautiful Custom Cathedral Style Diamond Wedding Ring

Taylor's Beautiful Cathedral Style Diamond Wedding Ring

Taylor’s Beautiful Cathedral Style Diamond 14 kt Yellow Gold Wedding Ring

Creating a Beautiful Custom Cathedral Style Diamond Wedding Ring for Taylor was a joy.

Walker Goldsmiths had seen Taylor come home from a mission, a grown up lovely young woman and then head off to College.  Next thing we knew she was home with her Sweetheart and knocking on our door to help them come up with a Wedding Ring.  We love it!  They had a pretty good idea of what they wanted and came with pictures off the internet and ideas they’d gotten shopping in Jewelry Stores.  Being old family friends we had to tell them the truth… no way were we going to make a thin and fragile ring that would cost them more money before they know it.  We have friendship and a reputation to hold up, so I got a pretty good idea of just what direction and design Taylor was looking for and started designing, then wax carving.  It took a couple of tries before we could communicate well and determine just what would work.  Owen lost wax cast it in 14 kt Yellow Gold and we set the Diamonds in Platinum crowns.

Taylor liked the Cathedral Style Diamond Wedding Ring.  It’s an interesting, classic and elegant design for a ring setting.  She wanted a 1/2 ct. center stone and a 1/4 ct. on each side of the center, equaling 1 full ct. total weight.  We created our signature square bottom shank for weight and durability to keep the ring well balanced on her finger.  It really turned out gorgeous for a beautiful young bride.  Walker Goldsmiths wishes  Jason and Taylor a wonderful joyous life together.

Cathedral Style Diamond Setting

Cathedral Style Diamond Setting

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