A Beautiful Custom Red Gold Wedding Ring Set

Custom Red Gold Wedding Rings

Ben and Emilie’s Custom Red Gold Wedding Rings

When Ben called Walker Goldsmiths wanting a Custom Red Gold Engagement Ring for his sweetie, we were happy.  Ben is Owens nephew and we were very pleased to hear the news of his lovely fiancé.  They came out to Walker Goldsmiths Studio and we met Emilie and talked about just what it was that she had in mind for her wedding ring.  As Uncle, Owen gave his stamp of approval on Ben’s choice of fiance’ (like he has anything to say about the matter! )  and we encouraged the kids to talk to relatives and see if they could find or get family jewelry that they could recycle to keep their young newlywed costs down.  Ben had just started a new job and Emilie didn’t have one yet so money was tight.

They came up with a ring that her mom had worn years ago; yellow gold with a few small diamonds and a center stone, Emilie asked, “Would that help out?”  You bet it would, but she wanted red gold.  Owen said, “No problem!  As a Master Alchemist I take the copper and the silver out of the yellow gold and add back the correct percentage of copper only to make 14 karat Red Gold. Then we have the reddest gold color available..”

Gold being melted in a crucible

Owen melts jewelry to be recycled in a crucible.

 Emilie had found a picture of a ring with elements that she liked so I tweeked it, redesigned and rearranged it to fit her stones and started carving a wax to be lost wax cast into her desired 14 kt Custom Red Gold Engagement Ring.  The casting was a gorgeous success and a beautiful color of red gold.  Owen welded on a illusion crown to enhance her center stone, set the stone, bead set the smaller melee and polished up her beautiful Custom Red Gold Engagement Ring.

Ben wanted a Sterling band with Red Gold edges to go along with Emilie’s ring.  Not a problem.  They both turned out beautifully.  Thank you, Ben and Emilie, for letting Walker Goldsmiths create these beautiful heirloom wedding rings.  Love you kids!!

Red Gold Custom Wedding Rings

Red Gold Custom Wedding Rings


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    • Owen Walker says:

      Hi David, As of today, 3/29/16, We can do this lovely set for $ 1,700 with a 25pt center stone and 8-2pt. melee, but of course, it’s all negotiable with any family diamonds and gold or silver you may want to recycle. We like to work with our customers and keep within their budget. The stone sizes are the determining factor, so that can change depending on your budget. So give us a shout and let’s see what we can do for you and your Sweetheart!

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