A Custom Compass Ring for a Mariner

Sterling Silver Custom Compass Ring with Aquamarine

Sterling Silver Custom Compass Ring with Aquamarine

Walker Goldsmiths was privileged to make a Custom Compass Ring for a Mariner who found us through Etsy. I’ve got a few rings pictured on my site there and Jarred emailed me through walkergoldsmiths.com wanting to know if I’d be willing to make him a custom ring. Of course I was interested! We love doing custom work because it’s so fun and personal to those who want it. We often get to really have a good rapport with folks and the challenge to satisfy them is very rewarding.  To help people get what they want in a custom piece of jewelry is important to Walker Goldsmiths as we’ve always found that jewelry IS an emotional issue.

Jarred wanted a Custom Sterling Ring with a Compass Symbol and an Aquamarine stone on the top. I doodled around with some ideas and we agreed to a particular one and I started carving wax, keeping him aware of what was going on with the process. It was lots of fun emailing back and forth. I asked him why he wanted this particular design for a ring and he replied, “ A way to remember my Naval service and an heirloom to pass on.” I told him, “My dad was a Navy guy and our oldest daughter joined the Navy too and became an electrician.  My husband, Owen, was a Sea Scout and I think that counts.  Our son is a Marine Mechanic in San Diego so we’re awash with salt around here.  Plus we live on the beach!”  This ring will be a kind of Memorial Ring with an emblem particularly significant to Jarred’s Naval service, so it’s a kind of Story Ring for a part of his life.

We got on with the process and Jarred OK’d the wax, then on to lost wax casting in Sterling Silver. Jarred was particular that we got a very good Aquamarine for him, and we did, to set in the center of the compass. He told me that the Aquamarine was very important because of it’s significance to sailors and that he wanted to make sure that the ring was going to be a big one. I made sure of that making the top part of the compass a good inch in diameter surrounded by rope. We sent photos to Jarred after casting, he was excited and so were we to get it done and sent to him.

Walker Goldsmiths thanks you, Jarred, for the opportunity to make this beautiful Custom Compass Ring for a Mariner for you and for your service as a “sailor”. We loved doing it!

Custom Compass Ring Drawings

Custom Compass Ring Drawings

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  1. Would love to meet u. I have some great trade beads. Many Russian blues, other trade beads, old robin eggs. I enjoyed the video.

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