A Custom CTR Ring for our Celtic Friend

A Custom CTR Ring for our Celtic Friend

A Custom CTR Ring for our Celtic Friend

CTR = Chose The Right Custom CTR Ring!

Noel wanted a real Custom CTR Ring that reflected who he was, so Walker Goldsmiths put it together with him.  We’ve known Noel since he was a little guy and we know his folks and their Celtic heritage very well.  His dad is McCarty Irish and his mom is MacDonald Scottish, so he’s Celtic clear through!  Noel is a big, handsome, strong and determined Celt. The design of the CTR is a traditional shield motto of the LDS church of which Noel is a member and the Scottish emblems all around the ring are symbols of his heritage.

Sterling Silver Custom CTR Ring

Sterling Silver Custom CTR Ring

Noel came to Walker Goldsmiths with some of his ideas and we went with it.  I carved the wax after researching Celtic knot designs that I thought truly fit the situation and OK’d it with Noel.  We choose the King Solomon’s Knot because it’s so attractive and spiritual.  The monks of early Christianity considered the geometry of the square a symbol of the  creation of the universe.  Aidan Meehan writes in his book, Celtic Design Knotwork, “It was important to them to contemplate how…the infinite and the finite, all opposites- could be symbolized by the pattern of this knot; a symbol of ‘Divine Inscrutability’ and the epitome of wisdom, King Solomon”.

Walker Goldsmiths lost wax cast this 10mm wide, comfort fit band in Sterling Silver and set two gorgeous blue Sapphires in the side knots.  These Scots, Walker Goldsmiths, loved doing this Custom CTR Ring for Noel.  Thanks, Noel, for this very fun project touching on yours and our Celtic heritage.

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  1. Gail Holloway says:

    I’ve been looking for a lovely designed CTR ring that is a step above the ones that are available now. I prefer 14K rose gold but would go with yellow gold if I have to. Something in a band with filligree. I’m a large lady so like the bands that cover more skin … but love filligree. Diamonds would make it that much more special. Possibly an emerald as I’m born in May but not necessary.

    Can you do something like that?
    I can send you photos of rings I like if that would help.
    Gail Holloway in Mariposa Ca. My husband is the Bishop here…. so I guess I shouldn’t have it TOO fancy. LOL.

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