A Custom Surfer Ring Makes Us Dream

Custom Sterling Silver Surfer Ring

Custom Sterling Silver Surfer Ring

Nicole contacted Walker Goldsmiths saying she was interested in creating with us a Custom Surfer Ring for her Sweetie and we were happy to get to make it for her.  She wanted a substantial Sterling Silver, 8 mm ring with some familiar symbols carved on it.

Custom Surfer Rings are another type of Story Ring and we love to make them.  We talk to the client and help them decide what they want on the ring; places that meant something to them, important symbols that were emotional or memory makers, most important seems to be happy scenes of love or places that symbolize a lovely time.  We try to stay with 3 or 4 motifs so that it doesn’t turn out too crazy with pictures and so the design flows well.  Nicole wanted very symbolic waves, some dunes and palm trees.  I was very excited about this palm tree aspect as I hadn’t ever used that design before and I knew it would be really attractive. Owen and I had just returned from a Christmas Holiday time with some of our children in Baja, Mexico, so beaches and dunes were fresh in my mind.  I was truly “there” with this ring.

I carved the wax and sent Nicole pictures of my progress, when she OK’d the wax we went ahead and Owen lost wax cast it in Sterling Silver.  It turned out great!  The fact that it was Sterling Silver allowed us to Oxidize the ring with chemicals to create black shadows down in the carving; it makes the carved design stand out so nice as the high spots are polished silver, and it’s permanent so it will not wear or chip off…great thing about Sterling Silver.

Wax carving of Surfer Ring with Talcum powder on it so it's easier to see

Wax carving of Surfer Ring with talcum powder on it so it’s easier to see.

Thank you, Nicole, for allowing Walker Goldsmiths to have this opportunity to create such a fun design on a Custom Surfer Ring.  I can almost feel the gentle breeze and hear the waves crash on the sand.

Sterling Silver Surfer Ring

Sterling Silver Surfer Ring

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