A Gorgeous Gaudy Heart Shaped Custom Ring


14kt yellow Gold Heart Ring

Custom Heart Shaped Ring

Quite a few years ago Sandy contacted Walker Goldsmiths wanting a Custom Ring made with her gold and diamonds. She came to us with a little box of diamonds that she’d been collecting for years and a handful of gold that she wanted to Recycle. We love to accommodate since “Goldsmiths were the first ever Recyclers on this Planet”. No gold is intentionally thrown out in the trash, it is just used over and over!!

We started out by sorting out her diamonds, seeing what she had and trying to get an idea of what she wanted. She had a lot of diamonds as she was always buying jewelry. It was kind of her Savings Account…not a bad idea! As a retired nurse who had made decent money in her working years she loved to wear nice jewelry. She had one big 2 carat heart shaped diamond that she wanted to be the center stone, then her idea was to put diamonds from an old diamond bracelet all around the center stone. So we collaborated and I started designing. She wanted as many diamonds as I could get on one ring and she wanted “something heart shaped”…and a finger is only so big! Sandy was not a tiny gal but she did not have a large hand either. If I was to design for a maximum number of diamonds I’d have to elevate the design instead of going “pave” – paving a surface with diamonds.

Heart Shaped Ring with Heart Shaped Diamond and 63 round diamonds

Heart Shaped Ring with 64 Diamonds

As the designer I was really challenged, I tell you! It had to be a tall ring, yet elegant and wearable. Sandy had received the diamond bracelet from her ex-husband and definitely wanted to use those diamonds which were all beautiful quality and pretty large. I wanted to make a heart ring with some pizzazz and to be interesting in shape not just a blah heart! Sandy was all for it and said she trusted me to come up with something she’d like. So I made the wax model, Owen lost wax cast it with her 14kt yellow gold, he polished it all up beautiful and set the diamonds. The Custom Ring worked out to include 64 diamonds weighting in at approximately 15 Carats! 

When this Custom Ring was all done and ready for Sandy to pick up I called her and she said, “Is it Gaudy?” and I couldn’t lie, I told her it was “Gorgeous Gaudy!” She said, “Wonderful!” We always laugh about that fun experience of making the Gorgeous Gaudy Heart Shaped Custom Ring. Not only is Recycling of old jewelry a good idea at Walker Goldsmiths, but it feels so good to see our customers excited and happy about being able to wear something that they like made from their old pieces. Sandy has sadly passed away lately and her daughter has this ring included in the Estate Jewelry to be sold. If anyone is interested please let us know and we can convey your interest. Thanks for the fun, Sandy.

Heart Shaped Ring with 64 Diamonds

A Custom Heart Shaped Ring with Pizzazz


Another view of Heart Shaped Ring

Not your usual Custom Heart Shaped Ring

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  1. Jennifer Peery says:

    What an incredibly stunning work of art! I would love to keep it but it is more ring than I would ever wear & it deserves to be admired.
    It brought my mom joy to wear it. I hope it finds its way to someone who will enjoy it’s Gawdy Beauty.

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