A Story Ring about Raven and Wolf

Photo of Raven and Wolf Cast Sterling Ring

Raven and Wolf Cast Sterling Ring

Walker Goldsmiths has been honored to make a Story Ring for a lovely person, Bonnye Matthews, who is an author of an interesting new book series.  We are very pleased that our Raven/Wolf Ring fits into her vision of two characters in one of her books.

“I am an author of a book series called Winds of Change that deals with the Pre-Clovis peopling of the Americas.  I have one book out, Ki’ti’s Story, 75,000 BC, which is a first place contest winner for fiction for 2013.  The second book, Manak-na’s Story, 75,000 BC, launches in June.  In the second book, my People not only have dogs, which they had in book one, but also the dog finds an injured raven.  The People take care of the raven and the broken bone mends.  Meanwhile the raven and the dog become “friends.”  They go through the book together meeting when they can.  They do a little dance when they meet and then the dog stretches out on its side and raven runs his body against the back of the dog until they meet, back to back and beak to muzzle.  They get up and shake out acting as if they didn’t really snuggle.  Then, they part company for a while.  Raven dies and his mate alerts the People.  The People actually bury raven, but the dog will not leave the grave.  The dog, old too, and grizzled, ends up dying on the grave of raven and the People bury them back to back and beak to muzzle.  Dogs in 75,000 BC would definitely have looked like wolves.

Photo of Wolf and Raven cast Sterling Ring

Wolf and Raven cast Sterling Ring Band

 The little part of the second book that contains these two animals is very close to my heart.  It was almost as if it wrote itself.  The ring you do has the two heads right together.  It really hit me.  That part of the story is so precious to me.  To find a ring that speaks to that is so special.  So, there you have it.  Ever since Ki’ti’s Story 75,000 BC, won the first place for fiction from the Alaska Professional Communicators, I’ve been in a new world.  There are plans to travel around in the state (AK) to do book signings and speak to public groups that would never have been open to me otherwise.”

 So of course, we got the Kindle version immediately and Owen’s enjoyed it very much as it sings to his Anthropologist/Archeologist soul.  Thank you, Bonnye, for opening up to Walker Goldsmiths a whole new adventure.  And may our wild Raven and Wolf Story Ring accompany you well on your journeys!


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  1. Michael Case says:

    These are beautiful & Ive been looking at your rings for a while now…

    I was wondering if you make this ring in Bear & Raven instead of Wolf?? Not the Self-sizer, but this one…

    • Owen Walker says:

      Hello! Thank you. Yes, Michael, we do. I can shoot you a picture and see if you like it 🙂 It’s not the traditional “band” but it is an over/under design but can be a self sizer or not depending on how we make it.

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