A Stunning Custom Story Ring

Custom Ocean Blue Sapphire Story Ring with Diamond bubbles

Custom Ocean Blue Sapphire Story Ring with Diamond bubbles

Walker Goldsmiths was very excited to be a part of creating this Stunning Custom 18 kt Yellow Gold Ocean Blue Sapphire Story Ring.  This Story Ring has 1.5 ct. Brilliant Ocean Deep Blue  Sapphire, .10 cts of melee diamonds for “bubbles” all set in 18kt Yellow Gold.

We’ve known and loved Terry since she was a baby and have been making jewelry for her and her family for many years.   She was telling us about her ideas for a new smashingly gorgeous Custom Story Ring and we said, “Yes, let’s do it! “  She came with photos of a ring she’d seen that she really liked and of course, we had to set her straight about durability and practicality of the design.  The ring  in her picture was a South Sea pearl ring, gorgeous of course, but impractical for durable wear for this hands on hard working girl.  We knew that a wonderful Ocean Deep Blue Sapphire would work perfect so we went looking for the right one with the right color and we found it!  Sapphires are among the most durable naturally occurring gemstone in the world. The only natural item that can scratch a sapphire is a diamond. Gemstones are rated on their ability to withstand scratching based on a system called the Mohs Scale of Hardness, and sapphires score a 9 out of 10. Diamonds are a 10. We knew that a Sapphire was the right gemstone for this girl!  The durability of sapphires makes them an excellent choice for engagement rings and other pieces of jewelry that you might want to wear every day.  We designed the ring shank to our signature 5mm wide squared bottom to accommodate the weight and balance the substantial 12mm wide top of the ring.

The Story here is “The Latest Adventure with a Dear Friend Who Wants to be More than Just a Friend”, so we’re interested in this romantic story!  Jim has been teaching Terry SCUBA diving where light tends to green and blue, colors that travel far in seawater, and she’s loving it.  This Custom Story Ring tells of  the vision of  beautiful deep undersea colors of green, purple and blue represented by the beautiful 7 mm Sapphire pressure set in 18 kt Yellow Gold.  The melee diamonds set on the inside of the ring on one side represent bubbles floating upward like you see while SCUBA diving.  On the other side of the Sapphire is carved mountains to symbolize the fun they are having exploring around in the hills of the beautiful Pacific Northwest Coast area in which they live.  These kids are really on a colorful Romantic Adventure and this Stunning Custom Story Ring is the symbol of their growing love for each.  Thank you so  much for letting Walker Goldsmiths be a part of this story.  We’re keeping our ears open for the next chapter of this Romantic Story!

Custom Ocean Blue Sapphire Story Ring with Diamond bubbles

Ocean and mountains Story Ring in 14 kt gold with Sapphire and Diamonds

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