Adam Mills’ Howlin’ Wolf Tag

Photo of Adam Mill's Sterling Silver NW Style Wolf Tag

Adam’s Wolf Tag

Adam Mills has been hand engraving and learning from Master Engraver Owen Walker now for over a year and has come up with a wonderful line of NW Totem motif Sterling Silver Dog Tags. They’re fun to see and attractive especially for guys, but not only guys! This Wolf design is a good one and in fact is the one he wears. I find it interesting how people choose the totem figure that calls to them or they find especially appealing maybe matching their personality.

Wolves are known as the hunters or “spirit helpers” and they have strong supernatural powers. One of the most interesting aspects of the Wolf is the fact that they mate for life and have a deep sense of loyalty. This loyalty is manifested in their family to protect and teach their young. One big misconception is that of the “lone wolf.” To the contrary, the Wolf is actually a social creature, friendly, and gregarious with its counterparts and do not separate from their families in their natural environment.

We can’t ignore the communication skills of Wolves. By using touch, body movements, complex vocal expressions and intense eye contact the wolf gets his point across.  And it seems that those with the Wolf totem have the same inclinations of intelligence, cunning, ability to communicate, friendliness, and loyalty.  If you want to read Owen Walker’s experiences with Wolves check out this page Alpha Wolf Bracelet

Wearing Adam Mills’  Wolf Totem Tag and learning more about Wolves is a worthwhile goal in life. Personal engraving can be done on the back for an extra charge. Each Tag comes with 24″ .8MM Nickel plated Steel bead chain. All Tags are Sterling Silver.

$150.00 + Shipping & Handling



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