Beautiful Custom Hand Carved Wedding Ring that few will ever see

14kt Red Gold Ring with Hand Carved Orca Inside

Arin’s Custom 14kt Red Gold Ring with Orca inside

Walker Goldsmiths had a bit of fun with a Custom Hand Carved Wedding Ring with a secret trick. The customer, Arin, came to us to get a Custom Hand Carved Wedding Band that he knew Owen Walker could make for him.  Arin works for the Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Program and has a very big love and respect for sea life.

One of Arin’s favorite Sea Creatures is the Orca Whale.  He’s seen Sterling and Gold bracelets and rings carved by Owen before and decided even before he came to see us that a hand carved wedding ring was what he wanted.  At the time of Arin’s visit Owen was inlaying bracelets with red gold; beautiful 14kt red gold alloyed by Owen Walker to achieve a special red color.  Since Arin works with Salmon, those delicious, special red meat creatures of the sea, he was attracted to the glorious red gold.  When Owen suggested that he could make the entire ring in 14kt Red Gold Arin got very excited.

Now the little tricky catch unfolds.  Arin wanted a carving of an Orca on the inside of the ring!  Owen said, “Well, OK, sure. This way Arin can wear his beautiful Custom Wedding Ring all the time at work and the carving will be less likely to wear down.”  Not an easy thing with Owen’s rings because he carves so deeply, but none the less, a good idea! So I dug around in our files of North West Coast Orca ring and bracelet designs to find something that might do the trick. And sure enough with a few alterations to the design the right one popped up and Arin choose it as his own.  Owen carved it on the 14kt Red Gold then sawed the ring out of the rolled flattened red gold sheet.   After shaping the ring so it was domed a bit, a good feature that adds beauty and comfortable wear ability, the ring was soldered into size and rounded.  Then it was polished and inspected and we called up Arin to come get this beauty!  Thank you so much, Arin, for the privilege of letting Walker Goldsmiths make this beautiful Custom Hand Carved Wedding Ring, a memento of your wedding vows.  It was a lot of fun!

Orca Hand Carved inside Custom 14kt Red Gold Wedding Ring

14kt Red Gold Custom Hand Carved Wedding Ring

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