Betty’s Custom Sterling Silver Frog Pendant by Walker Goldsmiths

Photo of Walker Goldsmiths Custom Lost wax cast Sterling MissFroggy Pendant before finishing1.jpg

Miss Froggy Custom Sterling Pendant

This adorable Custom Sterling Silver Frog Pendant just jumped out of the wax at Walker Goldsmiths.  Betty approached us wanting to make a custom pendant using her stones and selling/trading us her metal and stones.  We love to do this kind of piece because it is so heirloom and experience focused.  Betty had stones, a Pink Zircon and a handful of diamonds, and metal from broken or unwanted jewelry.

“My grandma gave the Pink stone ring to (mother) in 1941 for her Oct. birthday, and she never took it off. I continued to wear it until I wore out the band… It is of great sentimental value to me. From my earliest memories, she was wearing it.  The 2 larger diamonds were my mom’s and my step-mom’s, and the assorted smaller diamonds and sapphires were in a necklace that my dad had given my mom.” 

Photo of Design and wax carving for Custom Froggy Pendant

Design and wax carving for Custom Pendant

After communicating by email with Betty I learned about her and what she might like a pendant to represent.  I really enjoy this process of getting to know a person and figuring out just what they value and will enjoy as jewelry.  Betty’s focus is her family, past and present, and she has a deep faith in God.  She told me about how she likes frogs because of the spelling as an acronym;  F – forever R- relying O – on G – God. I liked that idea and sent her a drawing or two until we came up with the design that hopped out of the park.  The next step was carving a wax and emailing her pictures of the process and end result for her approval.

Photo of Owen Walker setting stones MissFroggy custom Pendant

Owen Walker setting stones Miss Froggy custom Pendant

Then Owen cast it up in Sterling Silver, set the Pink Zircon and Diamonds in the crowns and all the little dew drops on the grape vines and the Sapphire Frog eyes. The stones are all hers and we bought her metal and extra stones to go toward the cost of making the pendant.  I love this job here at Walker Goldsmiths making Custom Pendants! Do you have a good story and old jewelry that you want to  re-do? Let’s get to it!

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