Big Grizzly Bear Bracelet

Photo of Large Sterling Silver Grizzly Bear Bracelet

Large Grizzly Bear Bracelet

Ancients of the Northwest Coast believed that some animals could supernaturally change their appearance and take on human form. Some humans could also transform into animals or mythic creatures when it was useful to do so. Bear moved back and forth from animal to human form, and as a result had characteristics of both. An ancient story tells of a woman who was carried off by Bears and was married to the Chief of the Bears. She gave birth to twin Bear Cubs who are considered to be the ancestors of Bear Clan People of the Tshimshian, Kwak’waka’ wak and Bella Coola.  Bear is a crest of the Raven clan, my son and I have worn this bear for many years.  It is a classic striking design, that will bring you many years of pleasure. This is a short synopsis of the story I will blog the longer version in the near future.  I also do this bear plain with no abalone, or with 14K red gold inlay in both eyes and hat segments, or abalone eyes and red gold hat.  I have done many many variation on this basic bear design.

photo of Large Sterling Silver Grizzly Bear Bracelet with Abalone shell inlay

Large Sterling Silver Grizzly Bear Bracelet with Abalone shell inlay


Hand-carved Sterling Silver Bear Bracelet by Owen Walker, 1.5 inch width tapering to .75 inch with Abalone inlaid eyes.


D20 $650.00

Photo of Sterling Silver Bear Bracelet

Sterling Silver Bear Bracelet

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