Celtic Style Twisted Braid Custom Diamond Wedding Ring

This wax model of a ring is the latest Custom Wedding Ring project at Walker Goldsmiths.  This purple wax ring has been carved by me, Janet Walker, and will be cast and set with a .53 pt. diamond by Owen Walker. The idea was to create a twisted, over and under Celtic style braid that winds up to the base of a Platinum crown. Owen will cast the ring in 14kt. white gold and then hand carve a vine pattern up each rope of the braid.  He’ll also carve and enhance the edges of the ring with more vine patterning. We always recommend and almost demand that any diamond as the center stone of a ring be set in Platinum.  Platinum is so wonderfully strong that the diamond is perfectly protected and won’t need retipping for the life of the ring! So a 4 prong Platinum crown will be set in the center for this .53 pt. diamond.  The diamond is just gently sitting in the crown in this photo.

Photo of Wax carving of Celtic Wedding Ring

Wax carving of Celtic Wedding Ring

We’ve made this basic style of ring for decades with the elevated sides that reach to the crown. It’s kind of like a ski-jump effect, very elegant, and has been called for some reason a cathedral setting . This is the first time that anyone has asked for a Celtic twisted rope design.  And it has been a fun challenge!  The ring will be cast and finished this week and I find it pretty exciting to see my work come to a beautiful finish.  But more than that it’s extremely exciting to see these kids who I’ve know for so long get this ring and prepare to take a giant step for a lovely future together.  Walker Goldsmiths will keep you posted as the casting takes place and Owen gets to the nitty-gritty hand carving.

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