Celtic Style Twisted Braid Diamond Wedding Ring… Step Two

Photo of Celtic Twist White Gold Wedding Ring

Celtic Twist 14kt White Gold Wedding Ring

Here we are at Step Two at Walker Goldsmiths with this Celtic Twisted Braid Diamond Ring. I’ve asked Owen to make a rubber mold of this ring this morning so the next time something similar to this design is requested I can speed up the whole process with a wax from the original mold.  I’m a slow and tedious wax carver so when I can utilize a technique to give me a foot-up I do!  So he said he’d get to it this morning.

Photo of Owen Walker Loading the mold frame

Owen Walker Loading the mold frame

He has to pack the mold frame and solder a brass sprue on the ring and position it in the rubber just right.

Photo of rubber mold cooker

Our marvelous mold cooker

Then the mold frame is placed in the “cooker”, heated up and held at a high enough temperature for one hour to melt the rubber completely into all the nooks and cranny’s of the ring.  When it’s all cooled down, removed and the sprue cut off, Owen will become the Master Mold Cutter.



The picture accompanying this blog is of the ring totally cast in 14kt white gold without the crown setting in the peg-hole.  It’s polished and ready to make a mold in rubber.  After that’s done, Owen will engrave the vine patterns that are planned for the top and sides of the ring.  I’ll post a picture of him doing that process. And on we go!


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