Celtic Style Twisted Braid Engraved Diamond Wedding Ring…Done

Photo of Celtic Twisted Braid Engraved Diamond Wedding Ring

Celtic Twisted Braid Engraved Diamond Wedding Ring

This Celtic Twisted Braid Diamond Wedding Ring is finally finished at Walker Goldsmiths and off to our customer who had big plans to propose to his sweetheart. She had told him what style she liked and they had even chosen a picture of a ring they’d found on-line, then he sneaked over to see us. We, of course, set him straight about just what was practical and functional about their chosen design and took off from there.

We’ve been making rings for people for over 35 years and have learned a thing or two about just what works and what doesn’t!  The big fashion these days is the micro-bling look created with LOTS of teeny tiny diamond melee, diamonds smaller than 1 or 2mm covering the band and sides.  The young girls are all being sold this in the jewelry stores these days and no one is telling them that they are just not practical or built for durability.  They are built to lose melee diamonds over time and to create a cash flow for the stores in replacement diamonds. When a customer comes to us and wants this fashion look I carefully tell them about the problems and expenses that might be involved and then with them design a ring that gets as close as possible to the original idea, yet is durable and functional in real life. This is where Owen’s engraving skills really shine. He can create the flash and look of melee diamonds with specific carving of the 14kt white gold to create facets that bounce off light and flash like diamonds.

Photo of the Side view of Celtic Twisted Braid Diamond Ring

Side view of Celtic Twisted Braid Diamond Ring

This Celtic Style Twisted Braid Engraved Diamond Wedding Ring, designed by Janet Walker, was cast in 14kt white gold.  It has a ½ carat diamond set in a 4 prong Platinum crown. The top is engraved by Owen Walker with a faux diamond pattern and the sides with a vine pattern.

We love this job. It’s so much fun to be involved in the magic and suspense of love and presentation.

We create heirlooms!  Thanks Joey.

Photo of Owen Walker engraving Celtic Ring

Owen Walker engraving Celtic Ring

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  1. Owen says:

    Having been in the jewelry repair business for many years (for Zales among others) we have learned what will cost the consumer many dollars over time. One of those is a white gold crown to hold your diamond. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with a white gold crown, but if you are a real woman and do any kind of work those prongs that hold your diamond WILL wear out. The Platinum crown will last a lifetime. It cost about $100 to retip a white gold crown, and needs to be done every 3 or 4 years on average, you do the math! Our repair department is VERY lazy! We prefer to build for a life time of enjoyment NOT a life time of paying us to fix!

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