Choose the Right Custom CTR Ring

Sterling Silver Custon designed CTR Ring

Custom CTR Ring

Beth came to see us some time ago and wanted something special; a Custom CTR Ring, for her sweet daughter, Madison. It’s a “can do!” for Walker Goldsmiths.

Madison is a musically talented girl who loves horses and takes after her Grandmother with her musical abilities. She’s now growing into a beautiful young woman, active in her LDS Church. One of the motto’s for young people taught by the church is CTR, Choose The Right, used as a physical reminder to do just that.

Choose the right” is a saying or motto among members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints that is taught to children and used by members of the church. A ring with the letters “CTR” on it is often worn by members of the LDS Church as a reminder of the “Choose the Right” motto, and as a symbol of their religious affiliation. The motto traditionally is inside of a shield and is a patented design, but we can transform the design how anyone wants and still use the letters CTR on a custom ring. Madison’s mother wanted her to have a “Special Custom CTR Ring” and she knew we could provide a Custom CTR Ring.

We decided that a horseshoe surrounding the emblem, CTR, with musical notes on each side of the emblem would be just right. I carved the wax and they both approved it via email and then Owen lost wax cast it in Sterling Silver using the original wax carving to make a one of a kind Custom CTR Ring.

Musical notes on a Custom CTR Ring

Madison’s Custom CTR and Musical Notes Sterling Ring

The Custom Ring really turned out nice, substantial, attractive, yet simple and to the point, reflecting the direction that this beautiful young woman wants in her life. Thank you, Beth, for the opportunity to let Walker Goldsmiths make this signature Custom CTR Ring for Madison. She’s definitely on the right track!!

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