Cowgirls love their “Bling” Custom Engagement Rings

A few months ago Taylor came out to see us at Walker Goldsmiths with the desire to get a Custom Engagement Ring for his sweetheart, Ashley. I teased him, “So you’re finally going to grow up? And he said, “Yep, Ashley’s the one”. 

White Gold Horseshoe Nail Engagement Ring

Ashley’s White Gold and Diamonds Horseshoe Nail Engagement Ring

We’ve known Taylor for quite a few years now and had met Ashley at his folk’s house for dinner. The first time I met Ashley they had just returned from a horse buying adventure in eastern Washington and when she walked in with her spurs jingling I knew I was going to like this girl! So when Taylor showed up at our Walker Goldsmiths Studio with horseshoe nails I wasn’t a bit surprised. He wanted something special and particular to her personality and their relationship. They had been talking about what she might like and had some ideas.

Steel horseshoe nails

Taylor brought me horseshoe nails

I loved the idea of the horseshoe nail shape and Taylor and Ashley wanted it in white gold. Taylor is a good money manager and hard worker and the thought of a huge expense for a diamond ring was daunting to him, not something he was comfortable with since he was taking on a new adventure as “the family man”. Ashley has a darling 8 yr. old son, Adlai. Plus they have ranching as their goal. This is where Momma Nancy comes into the story. Nancy is my good friend, a wise momma, and knows that we can do some magic for her son. Nancy talked to Taylor and counseled him about the value of giving his beloved what she wants and deserves; to be mindful of who she is and what he wants to celebrate.

Ashley's Horseshoe Nail Engagement Ring

Ashley’s Horseshoe Nail Engagement Ring

So Taylor comes out to see us again and tells me, “Cowgirls love their Bling! Let’s go for it.”  We were mindful of their newlywed expenses, and getting them the best bang for their buck. Owen loves this challenge and went searching for the biggest, the best and the most reasonable priced diamonds while I carved and designed a horseshoe nail ring. What fun! We lost wax cast the ring and set the stones and “Wow” did we like it.

White Gold Horseshoe Nail Wedding set with diamonds

White Gold Horseshoe Nail Wedding set with diamonds

Ashley loved it and wanted a white gold form fitted band to snug around the edge for a Wedding Ring. Sometimes her practical Cowgirl life wouldn’t accommodate the total “Bling” so a band would be good for those times. Taylor liked the idea of Sterling ropes on a white gold band to go along with their theme for his Wedding Ring. The Sterling Silver will oxidize over time and show up nice against the textured White Gold.

White Gold and Sterling Rope Wedding Ring

White Gold and Sterling Rope Wedding Ring

And “Bling” it is! It totally fits this Beautiful Cowgirl and her handsome Cowboy. Thanks, Taylor and Ashley, for letting Walker Goldsmiths be a part of this wild adventure. We love making Custom Wedding Rings, especially the ones with such incredible personality and challenge. Love you kids!

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  1. Nancy says:

    The pictures do not do justice to this BEAUTIFUL ring- it is so amazing and way more than I could have ever imagined. You guys are the real deal and the most wonderful friends! Love you and thank you so much for all you did for our kids!

  2. Lacey says:

    Hi my name is Lacey Crain
    my sisters boyfriend has been searching for the perfect ring for my sister, we saw your Ashley’s horse shoe nail white gold engagement ring and new that would be the perfect ring for her.
    I’m trying to find out pricing, they don’t have much they are famers trying to make a living.
    but if you could let me know how much a ring like that would cost I would really appreciate that.

    Thank you

  3. Gary says:

    Hey Janet I am interested in having you build me a ring. Is there a telephone number I could contact you at? I live a long way from cell phone service and it hard to communicate through email and such. Thanks

  4. Nancy Smith says:

    Hi Janet, I too am very interested in Horseshoe wedding set you did for Taylor and Ashley. It is so fitting for me and my husband. We are very much into our horses and my husband has been a Farrier for the better part of 45+ years. So you can see why this wedding set would be more than perfect. Looking forward to your reply. Nancy

  5. Richard says:

    Love the horse shoe nail ring. Just wondering if I am going to like the price I live in Canada and my girl is a hard worker so she needs something that suits
    Do you have a website where I can look

  6. Christian Petersen says:

    I really like this ring and would like to know how much and how soon I can purchase . My girlfriend is a huge horse lover and I’d love to ask her to marry me with this ring in my hand. It is a beautiful ring and she’s a beautiful woman inside and out. This would be perfect for her and in white gold.

    Thank you, Chris

  7. Weston Mickelsen says:

    Hey looks beautiful just wondering what your price is

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