Crown Ring for a Queen

14 kt yellow gold crown ring with diamonds and rubies

Queen Allie’s Flashy Ring

Crown Ring for a Queen is the Custom Recycle Creation made by Walker Goldsmiths for a dear friend of many years.  Allie came to us with a collection of rings and gold that she wanted to “do something” with.  The pile of jewelry was rings and scraps of gold, charms, chains and stuff that she was tired of or they never fit right.  We told her we could definitely make whatever she wanted and buy her leftovers.  Some of this jewelry was very sentimental and as she’d lost a sister and her mother so recently that she was wanting this piece to be a type of memorial ring..  Allie is a woman who knows what she wants and the Crown Ring was just that.

Allie said, “I was looking for a way for a long-time-single girl to wear diamonds that didn’t look like a wedding ring. I didn’t have diamonds from my x so one Mother’s Day about 12 years into the marriage I bought the 5 stone band in Louisiana at a pawn shop .  After my divorce, I gave the 5 stone ring to my sister who wore it for 8 years and got it back when she passed. The ruby stones have special meaning to my grandmother’s memory; a reminder that my grandmother worked all summer in the cannery to buy my grandfather a ruby wedding band.  Mom kept it after he died. Then, actually all 3 of us wore it … My sister who passed loved baguettes.  She gave the ruby/ baguette ring to my mom while she was in the nursing home. Somehow this survived.”

Walker Goldsmiths made Allie this beautiful Crown Ring for a Queen and even wrote her a check for the left over gold from her recycled jewelry.  Pretty good deal!  Thank you, Allie, for letting us hear of your memories and being a part of memorializing those loving women’s lives for you.

Crown ring made from Recycled jewelry

Crown ring made from Recycled jewelry

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