Custom 14 kt Yellow Lovebirds Ring with Ruby

Custom 14kt yellow Lovebirds Ring with Ruby

Custom 14 kt yellow Lovebirds Ring with Ruby

Our good friend Anita had shown me her wedding ring and commented on how she was getting ready to have a Walker Goldsmiths redo into a custom ring, as her ring was wearing thin.  Owen and I were at dinner with friends and family in Anita and Pat’s beautiful new house built by Kota Construction.  We told her that we certainly could help her out and recycle her ring and any other metal she wants out of the way.  She later showed up at our Studio and we sat and talked designing her new ring.  Anita had brought with her a pile of old sterling and gold jewelry, including her old wedding ring, to trade in and recycle towards her new ring.  “Really, why have old jewelry that you never wear sitting around in the jewelry box or the dresser drawers?”   She was out of that old Sterling Silver big bracelet and bangles phase!

Anita is a Norwegian Northwest Girl and is very familiar with Lovebird’s Raven and Eagle; their stories and legends in not only her heritage but her everyday life here in the Northwest.  Deciding on our classic Lovebirds ring design she then determined that she wanted a fairly large Ruby for flash and fun.  And believe me, Anita knows how to have fun!  I got busy carving the Lovebirds wax to fit a beautiful filigree crown to accept a bezel set Ruby. She wanted a large ring but smooth on top without a prong set stone, so bezel set would work best.  Owen assayed all her jewelry that she wanted to recycle and ordered a gorgeous Ruby to set in the crown.  After lost wax casting the Lovebirds ring, polishing and finishing, the crown was soldered in just the right place between the Eagle and Raven birds.  The Ruby was set in the crown and her two diamonds from her original ring were set in the eyes of the birds. Anita’s diamonds and gold from her previous ring now had a home in her new Wedding Ring.

14 kt Lovebirds Ring with filigree crown

14 kt Yellow Lovebirds Ring with filigree crown

We were very excited to present this finished Recycled Wedding Ring to Anita because it is so spectacular, just like Anita!  Thank you, Anita, for letting Walker Goldsmiths make this Custom 14 kt Yellow Lovebirds Ring with Ruby for you.

Picture of A Custom 14 kt Yellow Lovebirds Ring with Ruby

A Custom 14 kt Yellow Lovebirds Ring with Ruby


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