Custom Art Deco Style Turquoise Ring

Photo of Art Deco Style Turquoise and 18kt Gold Ring

Art Deco Style Turquoise and 18kt Gold Ring

This Custom Art Deco Style Turquoise Ring was made by Walker Goldsmiths for a friend, Russ Millenbach, who has the Silvery Moon Jewelry shop in Fairhaven, WA.  Russ has known us for years and sold quite a bit of our lost wax Cast Silver Rings and Hand carved Bracelets and Pendants.  He’s our Bellingham, WA area retail outlet. Russ has a particular customer who fell in love with this Royston Turquoise stone.  And can you blame her?  Wow!  This stone is incredible!  Problem was that she didn’t care for the ring it was set in, so Russ took it out of the ring that he had and got a hold of us.  His customer wanted an Art Deco look and in 18kt gold. No Problem.

I love carving wax and for something so beautiful it was a labor of love and fascination.  I can draw a design, measure it out, carve up the wax model, have Owen Walker lost wax cast it in metal, set the stone and then, and only then, does the magic truly unfold.  It’s like a birthing.  And this gorgeous Royston Turquoise really revealed itself for what it truly was; an incredible beauty!

Royston Turquoise comes from the Royston mining district located near Tonapah, Nevada. Royston Turquoise originally consisted of four old Turquoise claims: Bunker Hill, Easter Blue, Oscar Wehrend, and Royal Blue.  In the 60’s and 70’s most of the best turquoise ever mined in the USA came out of copper mines and the Otteson family Royston mines, who have been in business as turquoise miners since 1958.  They’re still mining turquoise and there are few turquoise miners left in the USA. Royston Turquoise is known world wide for having a wide range of Turquoise colors from a beautiful soft blue to emerald greens. The colors of Royston Turquoise often run together in the same rock which creates some of the most spectacular Turquoise stones on earth as is visible in this stone.

Phot of Rough uncut Royston Turquoise stones

Rough Royston Turquoise

If you want a custom turquoise jewelry piece made we can accommodate!  Thanks, Russ. It was a privilege and loads of fun for Walker Goldsmiths to make this Custom Art Deco Style Turquoise Ring.

Photo of Roystone Turquoise Ring

Roystone Turquoise Ring


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