Custom Celtic Knot Ring

14kt Yellow gold custom made Celtic Knot ring.

14kt Yellow gold custom made Celtic Knot ring.

November has been a busy month at Walker Goldsmiths with Custom Rings.  This Celtic Knot Ring is a beautiful remembrance ring commissioned by a special customer.  It was made for a grandfather in remembrance of his beautiful first grandchild that passed away.  Her name is carved inside the ring.

This 14kt gold ring is 7mm wide with a comfort fit shape inside.  The carved continuous Celtic Knot pattern is raised and two “ropes” wrap around the whole of the ring and are never ending. The symbolism of the Celtic design is exactly that; never ending, eternal love.  There are many varieties of Celtic knots some made with one “rope” some with two or even five or six, but if you trace a “rope” you will get back to the beginning, symbolizing eternity.  These patterns were first used in religious art, both Christian and Pagan, to symbolize the eternal nature of the spirit and of love.

It has been a privilege and honor at Walker Goldsmiths to be a part of this eternal love symbol.

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