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Wedding Rings made with Recycled White Gold and treasured family precious stones

Celtic Custom Love Knot Wedding Rings










      As we previously posted...”Walker Goldsmiths was contacted to design and make this Custom Celtic Love knot Wedding Ring Set.”  This was an exciting challenge because we used her cherished large London blue Topaz and gold also provided by her that was gifted from her brother. This gold was recycled into Kimmies rings. As I posted previously it’s been very much fun getting to know this customer, hearing her stories and working with her to get exactly what she wants. “She’s not afraid of large embellishments, she’s also easy to talk to and figure out what she wants, and knows the value of artistic license.  All a plus for me, Janet Walker, as the designer and wax carver.” The process was really a lot of fun and now we have a new friend!

     This ring represents a new covenant and relationship with a lot of hope and dreams for happiness in the future. Kimmie told me, “It is crazy and started 22 years ago. It shows me now that we go through some things and wonder why, well let me tell you God has a plan whether we know it or not.”

     After a marriage, heartache and divorce at an all too early age she’s come full circle to a great guy who is determined to love and share life together with her and her daughter. She’s known him for a long time, “Everyone asks why we didn’t get together way back 20 years ago, and I just say God wasn’t ready for us to be together yet. He made us go through all the other relationships to make us ready for each other, and to be able to appreciate each other. And my heart and the Lord tells me this is the right one this time. The Celtic Love Knot on my rings mean two things to me. Traditionally they mean Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost.  Which I love.  But they also represent my daughter,  my fiancé,  and me.  🙂

     The meanings for the Triskelion, Celtic Love Knot or the endless Ribbon of Eternity vary with whomever wants to use the symbol, some times it’s used to define the three aspects of two people; body, mind and spirit. The most remarkable and symbolic quality of the Celtic Love Knot design is that it has no beginning and no end. It’s been one of our favorite designs to put into metal here at Walker Goldsmiths. Thank you, Kimmie, for the opportunity to be a participant in symbolizing your families relationship in this Custom Celtic Love Knot Wedding Ring Set.                                                                                                                                  

Daiamonds and Topaz on White Gold Celtic Love Knot Rings

White Gold and Topaz Celtic Love Knot Wedding Rings





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